Board of Directors

  • Dr. Monette Ferguson, Executive Director, Action for Bridgeport Community Development, Inc. (ABCD)
  • Peter DeBiasi, President/CEO, The Access Community Action Agency, Inc. (Access)
  • Amos Smith, President/CEO, Community Action Agency of New Haven, Inc. (CAANH)
  • Michelle James, Executive Director, Community Action Agency of Western Connecticut, Inc. (CAAWC)
  • Lena Rodriguez, President/CEO, Community Renewal Team, Inc. (CRT)
  • Rocco Tricarico, Executive Director, Human Resources Agency of New Britain, Inc. (HRA-NB)
  • Dr. James H. Gatling, President/CEO, New Opportunities, Inc. (NOI)
  • David Morgan, President/CEO, TEAM, Inc. (TEAM)
  • Deborah Monahan, Executive Director, Thames Valley for Community Action, Inc. (TVCCA)

Board of Directors Executive Committee (Officers):      

  • Chair - Deborah Monahan
  • 1st Vice Chair - Amos Smith
  • 2nd Vice Chair - Michelle James
  • Secretary - Peter DeBiasi 
  • Treasurer - Rocco Tricarico

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CAFCA's By-Laws  

CAFCA's 2018 Annual Report