What We Do

At CAFCA, we provide training, advocacy, and outreach for Connecticut's nine community action agencies. We offer our services in order to support or enhance the level and quality of assistance facilitated by our member agencies in their respective communities to whatever extent might be possible. At CAFCA, we ultimately provide a framework for the statewide anti-poverty network that works to reduce and alleviate the conditions and barriers that perpetuate poverty throughout Connecticut.

Our Child Poverty Prevention and Reduction Strategies

  1. Create and influence public policy to support and execute the child poverty prevention and reduction agenda to reduce child poverty in Connecticut by 50% in the year 2014.
  2. Develop a cadre of leaders from all sectors of Connecticut to address the child poverty prevention and reduction agenda.
  3. Strengthen Connecticut Community Action Agencies' capacity to reduce child poverty in their communities.
  4. Strengthen CAFCA's capacity to lead the child poverty reduction agenda.