Access Houseing at Parker Place

Critically-Needed Affordable Senior Housing Arrives in Tolland with Access Housing at Parker Place

Affordable Senior Housing for Tolland has arrived with the newly completed conversion of the former Parker Elementary School into Access Housing at Parker Place, with 37 apartments now available for rent and 4 reserved for military veterans.

The development of this affordable housing for those who are income eligible and at least 62 years old is the result of a partnership between the Access Community Action Agency as the developer, and funders Connecticut Department of Housing, Connecticut Housing Finance Authority, Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston and its local member bank Berkshire Bank, Redstone Equity Partners, and the Town of Tolland. In addition, Housing Enterprises has also been an integral partner in a consulting and oversight capacity.

The project has taken more than 10 years to get from initial concept and planning to completed construction. A Ribbon Cutting Event with tours of the facility will be held on Friday, December 6, 2019 at 1:00 pm, with Lieutenant Governor Bysiewicz as the keynote speaker. The Access Community Action Agency serves limited income people in northeast Connecticut.

Learn about more information on the programs and services offered at Access.

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