Regional Performance and Innovation Consortia (RPIC)

CAFCA serves as a lead organization under the Regional Performance and Innovation Consortia (RPIC), funded by the federal Office of Community Services (part of the Administration for Children and Families).

This cooperative agreement supports an ongoing state and regional strategy for collaboration, capacity-building, and exemplary practice in the Community Action Agency (CAA) network. There are 11 RPICs across the country. CAFCA has served as the lead organization for Region 1 (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, and VT) since the first iteration of the RPIC program in 2011.

As the lead, CAFCA’s role is to serve as a regional focal point for T/TA and capacity building activities across New England.

2019 - 2022 RPIC Focus & Goals

The current three-year RPIC grant cycle focuses on assisting states with:

  • Identifying, highlighting, and supporting multi-year community transformation initiative efforts that move individuals, families, and communities towards increasing human capacity and sustaining self-sufficiency; and,
  • Organizational standards and ROMA implementation.

The RPIC will also work with the Human Capacity and Community Transformation (HCCT) Center of Excellence (COE). Through this partnership, RPICs will support community transformation efforts rooted in the HCCT National T/TA strategy and strengthen linkages within state specific communities to foster long-term growth of individuals, families, and communities.

Major Goals

The RPIC assists State Associations, CAAs, and State agencies leading Community Services Block Grant efforts, or CSBG Lead Agencies, (in CT, this is the Department of Social Services) with four major goals:

  1. Maximize and align HCCT T/TA resources and coordinate regional T/TA Plans;
  2. Identify and highlight capacity building practices for State CSBG Lead Agencies, State Associations, and CAAs to share and promote cross-learning throughout the identified region;
  3. Organize, implement, and participate in national or regional T/TA activities designed to address the collaboration, capacity building, and exemplary practice needs of the CSBG Network to support the full implementation of the CSBG HCCT; and,
  4. Help State CSBG Lead Agencies and local CAAs implement, meet and exceed Organizational Standards in areas such as consumer input and involvement, community engagement, community assessment, organizational leadership, board governance, strategic planning, human resource management, financial operations and oversight, and data and analysis.

Tools & Resources

For more information about RPIC or to be added to the Region I Reports newsletter list, contact Tanaysia Jefferson at

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